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Alright, another one, I've just been sitting around recently watching AD a lot, and have found another silly random thing. I love the recurrences on this show, this screenshot is from Prison Break, and is at the end when G.O.B. gets pressed up against the window of the congujal (spelling that wrong I'm sure) trailer that George Sr. and Lucille are using, AGAIN! The funny thing that I noticed, was the small figure in a jetpack and orange suit in the top left corner of the screen... an inmate riding the jetpack that was lost earlier in the episode when G.O.B. forgot to do up the strap... and instead, went to plan B! The stomach map! Ok I'm getting off topic, I had to rewind this and watch it four times just to laugh at all the different funny things that happen in it, look for yourselves, you'll see. Make sure you squint into the light...

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I notice that both of my pictures show G.O.B. in sticky situations, but thats just what happens when you make a living as a Magician. I guess.
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